The Burning Hedge

A tiny drawing, just the half the size of a small postcard, but the valkyries appear in several of my kaleidoscope designs.


Actually, the two lower ones will come up on their own later on, coloured for easier interpretation. I think I learned a lot about digitally colouring my designs while dealing with these beasts…

The basis for this design is one of the two commissioned work I’ve done to date, it is the cover for the Hungarian edition of Patricia McKillip’s amazing In the Forests of Serre, I love the drawing, and what makes it even more special is that I got to do the translation as well: now that is something special, right?

At first I only did a black and white kaleidoscope series, but  wasn’t really satisfied with it, so later I tried colouring it, and whoosh, the flames flared up and it came to life!

Parts of the black and white designs exist as stand-alone ornamental motifs.

More of my favourite valkyries. Fun fact: I used one of my own ancient photos as a toddler as a reference for the expression on her face. Not that anyone would recognise it…

More dogs: the knotwork design and its use.

Colour variations

Abandoned Carpet Page

When I’m in Dublin, I usually find the chance to see the Book of Kells exhibition, and when I first met my friend Oisín, he gave me a book on Celtic designs. I tried to put it to good use, but I soon realised I’m not nearly disciplined enough for illuminated codex pages and I always lose count of how the knots turn. It was some relief to see that the old monks did mess up a few times, too.

I had this particular drawing sketched up in April 2007, and when the paper started to wear thin because I used the eraser one time too many, I switched to digital. Unfortunately, the old MacBook housing this project died one evening, taking 2 years’ worth of photos and the high resolution psd files of this project with it, and I never really had the strength to start it again from scratch…

Also, the baby animals in the central circle are a but too cutesy for the purpose…


I love muted colours, though I rarely use them in my drawings.